I'm a professionnal cook and i've studied to cook at schcool and worked in different kind of
restaurants in north and south of France. I wish to propose you to do discover the
ardéchoise gastronomy arround a dinner combining authentic cooking, generous, tasty with
high quality of local product issue of biological and reasonned agriculture of local productors

Of course, all the preparations are homemade : the jams, the pastry pasta, the sauce,  the
juice, the desserts....

The drying tomatoe (in a homemade solar dryer who i've built by my self) and confit in oliv
oil is the house spéciality unavoidable and always be very appreciate by my guests.

             The dinner is served at th evening and must be reserved the day before.

You started the festivity by an traditionnal apéritif "Le Castagnou" and appetizers (oignion
    jam at balsamic vinegar, confit tomatoes homemade, tapenade, olivade, anchoïade, 
                                              ardéchoise delicatessen.....)


                     -one entry,
                     -one main dish
                     -one dessert
                     -tea and coffe closed ytour dinner.

The wine is in extra (at bottle or at glass) with large choice of local quality wine selected
by myself.

                                  Among the must see dishes you could tast :   
                   -The feuilleté of goat cheese with cheastnut honey,
                                                     -The cévenol salade,
                  -The carpaccio of trouit bio of montain of Lozère smoked by myself
                    with beech and green oak woods.
                  -The traditionnal and gourmande plat of Ardéchoise delicatessen.
                  -The locals and traditionnal speciality : caillette, pouytrolle, maôche, bombine....
                   -the gaspacho and basilic ice (association very fresh !), 
                   -the trout with torrefied almond,
                   -The roll of chicken stuffed of confit tomatoes,
                   -cup of ice cream of Ardèche,
                   -The roasted peach with flowers honey,
                   -The chesnut fondant with vanilla english cream...

and many other dishes with lot of beautiful and good vegetables !


For the lunch, if you want to enjoy the garden, I propose you a grilled formul by yourself with an
assortiment of local meat, delicatessen and vegetable, local beer, chips. I give you all the
dishes and I clean it !
If you want to bring a lunch to take good time during your promenade, I can prepare you a
pic nic on isoterm backbag, always cooked with local and artisanal product.


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